Cookies policy

What is a cookie?

Cookies are files that are downloaded by the user´s device (PC/Smatphone/Tablet) upon accessing certain webpages, they are then stored within the memory of the device. The cookies allow, among many things, the storage and recuperation of the user´s browsing habits; which sites are visited and when they are viewed all to help analyze the overall functioning of the webpage and to detect any technical problems that may exist. Depending on the information it can be held and utilized to recognize the user in future.

What types of cookies are there?

  • In the purpose of ownership:
    • Our cookies: which solely belong to Demosaica Cement Tiles.
    • Third party cookies: they belong to a third party, different from Demosaica Cement Tiles, that maybe whoever receives the recorded information.
  • Their overall purpose:
    • Technical or personalized cookies: are used to improve service, locate incidents and recognize the user, etc…
    • Cookies for analyzation and/or for advertising: they are used to analyze the browsing data and offer advertising that maybe generalized or personalized.

What is a cookie used for?

Cookies are used to be able to offer services, personalized advertising, to assess the overall functioning of the system, recognize the user, locate incidents and problems that may occur and resolve them as quickly as possible. Therefore, to analyze and measure the overall activity of the webpage.

Is permission needed to initiate the use of cookies?

Permission is not required for the installation of technical cookies or those that can be strictly necessary in order for the user to access the webpage.

For the remainder, if the user’s permission is required, it is distinctly requested. In the case of BaldosasHidráulicasDemosaica, it will be granted if you continue to use the webpage without any risk that at any time you can deactivate the use of cookies.

What cookies are currently used by Demosaica Cement Tiles?

  • Technical: They are our own cookies of the actual visit, the identification, configuration and registration all of which are strictly necessary to identify the user and to be able to offer our services sought by the user. The information is obtained and processed solely by Demosaica Cement Tiles.
  • Analyzation: These are accessed by us and by select third parties. They allow us to quantify the number of visitors and users to our webpage thus a statistical analysis can be made based on the user’s interaction with our webpage. For which browsing data is analyzed for the purpose of making improvements to our offering of products and services.

Analyzation cookies used by Demosaica Cement Tiles are the next:

“Google cookies”

The information obtained by it is treated by Demosaica Cement Tiles and the third Google Ireland Limited

The mentioned companies grant us the analysis service of our webpage and we can then accordingly utilize the information to improve our service to our visitors and other organizations.

Further information is available via the links provided.

These services do not record information such as the names and surnames of the users nor their postal code from where they access the webpage. The information that is recorded is related to the number of pages visited, the language, social media site on which our news is posted, the city from where the IP is registered, the number of visitors that aces our webpage, the frequency of follow up visits, the time of visit, the internet service provider used, the actual device from which our webpage is accessed.

We us this information to improve our webpage, detect any necessary improvements and evaluate the improvements, in order to offer a better service to our visitors.

How can I deactivate the use of cookies?

The majority of web browsers indicate how to configure your actual internet operating system if you wish to not accept cookies. They notify you each time you receive a new cookie, therefore, they can be deactivated completely. To control for what use is made of your information, you can configure the operating system on your device to whichever way you feel most comfortable with.

However, please note that in the event that cookies are deactivated the quality of the webpage may decrease or slow in order to recognize you.

We offer the flowing links, where you can find additional information on the various web browsers: