Cement tiles maintenance

Demosaica recommends to use FILA‘s cleaning products.


When the tiles are placed, you can clean them with water and neutral or natural liquid soap. Do not use chemicals or bleach. After cleaning, wait until the floor is perfectly dry to avoid leaving stains when the treatment is applied.

The tiles are highly porous and all the humidity must evaporate before the treatment with FILAFOB. The evaporation process can lead to composition of white calcium deposits at the cement in form of white spots that disappear when the slab is washed again with water.

If there are more resistant stains that cannot be removed with water and soap, use the scourer (Scotch Brite) with detergent FILA PS87. Dilute the detergent in water in proportion 1:15.


For all of the treatments of cement tiles Demosaica recommends FILA products:

  1. During the installation phase before grouting, applying a water-repellent to the tiles (HYDROREP from FILA) is recommended, so that the grout residues can be easily removed.
  2. Once the floor is completely dry and clean, the water and oil repellent FILAFOB must be applied. It will not alter the original color and appearance of the tiles. Apply it with a large brush on an even, continuous coat of FILAFOB.
  3. For more information, consult the technical data chart of FILA treatments in our webpage, FILA’s link.


  1. Clean the tiles with neutral soap (e.g. green soap, Marseille soap). FILACLEANER is recommended.
  2. Steer clear of ammonia, acidic or alkaline cleaners.
  3. To remove resistant stains, we recommend using a scourer (Scotch Brite) with detergent FILA PS87.





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