Our cement tile designers

Demosaica Cement Tiles has the collaboration of several independent artists who, among many other designs and works of art, have made several own cement tile designs for Demosaica.

Maria Starling

Maria Starling (mariastarling.com)

Maria Starling studied Arts & Design and she made and important career as mosaic artist in London, working with the most important mosaic masters in her country for, later, set up her own mosaics workshop.
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Yela Álvarez Ariza

Yela Álvarez Ariza (yelaalvarez.com)

Yela Álvarez Ariza studied Technical Architecture, specializing in Interior Design. She has made important singular spaces conservation and rehabilitation projects, being a specialist in the use of craft materials.
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Blanca Gortari

Blanca Gortari (blangagortari.com)

Blanca Gortari is an artist with a very versatile trajectory. She paints and writes, thinks and acts within a relationship of deep respect for the environment, in her case is not limited to the social environment but is projected in the natural environment.
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Hanna Uggla

Hanna Uggla (hannauggla.com)

Hanna Uggla is a visual artist who likes to work with different materials. She shows her projects frequently and, in addition to exhibit large oil paintings and watercolors, she also participates in diferent artistic projects. Colours are very important in her art. Colours are tones and forms are rhythm.
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