Cement tiles stock catalog

You can see bellow all our cement tiles models available in stock (models and quantities subject to availability in our warehouse).

We replace most of our models constantly, so we do not usually have availability problems in the most of our cement tiles models and, and how this tiles are available in our warehouses, the delivery for this orders is only about a few days, compared to the orders for custom cement tiles, with a much longer delivery (several weeks), because you have to wait to the cement tile fabrication.

(Minimum quantity 2m2 for stock models and 4m2 for custom models)

Square cement tiles 20x20cm (7.87x7.87in)

Hexagonal cement tiles 23x20cm (9.06x7.87in)

Laghaz cement tiles de 20x17cm (7.87x6.69in)

Cement skirtings 20x10cm (7.97x3.94in)

We also have in our warehouses cement tiles remains in stock at reduced prices. Contact us to receive more information.